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Uncomfortably Charming is a comedy podcast forged in the waters of the Ohio River. This weekly podcast is about two old friends who get together to discuss myriad topics with an often humorous perspective.

Two friends, Snake and Red, went to High School together in the cradle of champions, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Red moved to Colorado after High School and Snake joined the Air Force, stationed in Arizona.  The two kept in contact and visited each other occasionally as they grew older.  Snake became a family man in the godless desert of Tucson and Red relocated to Seattle, Washington to pursue sexual deviance full-time.

Curiously, instead of drive them apart, the great distance only brought them closer.  Communicating via late night phone conversations, Red and Snake found their correspondence to be hilarious and rather enjoyable.  The only logical step was to take their talents to the most artistic medium known to man: Podcasting.  Uncomfortably Charming was born from these late night conversations and the unusual urge to make them public.

Warning:  This Podcast has more integrity than your Grandfather and more gumption than a one armed Navajo tracker, proceed with caution.

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