Episode 30 – Insects vs. Robots


This week we discuss the pro’s and con’s of having a horse cock.  Would you rather be ruled by insects or robots?  Find out the answers to all of your problems in this weeks episode.

Episode 29 – Naked on the Rocks


Naked on the Rocks, the newest episode from Uncomfortably Charming is an irreverent romp through the hosts past.  We discuss drugs, alcohol, rock climbing on drugs and alcohol and so much more.  Join us!

Episode 24 – Questioning Kitties

Snake and Red conduct their first interview with guest star and whiskey connoisseur, Mr. Kitten.  But don’t worry if you’re not a whiskey snob; the conversation covers all the finer points of drinking like 4Loco and Miller Highlife. We learn that living in the town you grew up in mostly involves avoiding fights with the dudes that are banging chicks you used to bang and drinking at movie theaters.  Red talks about beating on Snake as kids, but who would win today?  Size vs. Speed, tell us who would win in a fight between Snake and Red today on our Facebook page.

Episode 23 – Snake Finds Richard

Tune in as Snake and Red discuss the topics that really matter.  In this episode, Snake shares the life-changing experience of meeting Richard Simmons. Did Richard Simmons diddle Snake? Red isn’t convinced.  Check out our Facebook page and let us know if you think Richard Simmons did or did not get handsy with Snake.  Follow us and drop a line on Twitter and, as always, stay uncomfortably charmed.

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