What’s The News?

On our last episode I mentioned we are taking a break, season 1 is over.  It’s true, we won’t be recording until next February, which seems like a long time but we will be back in your ear hole real soon. We’re taking a break for a bunch of reasons but some of the fundamental ones are that we need a bit of a rest.  Snake came to me and asked that we take a break so that we could think of new content and work on evolving the show.  There are some behind the scenes stuff that needs to get worked out but that is just stuff we work on all the time.  More importantly, Snake wants to spend time with his family and I want to travel and get back to nature.

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Expecting Life

What are your life expectations?  What did you think your adult life would be like when you were a kid?  As I end my contract at my current employer I reflect on life a lot and in particular what it is that I want to do with my life.  It’s a weird thing to think about because most of the time we drone through life fulfilling our obligations, not questioning them.

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Severe Eye Contact

Have you ever had an exceptionally magic moment that you can’t really explain?  Me too.  Mine is hard to explain because I was on LSD when it happened and it involved a child.  No, I wasn’t Roy Mooring around high schools, my story is pure, pure as morning snow.  My tale starts where college ended.  My freshman year roommate was moving back to California and before he moved away him and I decided to go to the Indian Peaks Wilderness and eat acid.

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Niche Role

I would love to be a professional writer, but what would I write? I am not technical enough to craft a masterful novel. I don’t like TV enough to write for TV and I don’t really care about short hand articles and I’m definitely not a journalist. What does that leave me with? Movies. I am working on a movie as we speak and it is going pretty well. I haven’t been working on it too much since I went full go on the podcast but the script is coming along. It’s probably not good because it’s my first attempt but it has allowed me to see my true calling, being an asshole.

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The Next Step

Phase II of the Uncomfortably Charming world take over has been set into motion.  We are starting to interview experts out there in the world to enhance the show.  This week was the first time we have ever interviewed someone and we truly had a blast doing it.  You will see Kitty again and we will be introducing a full cast of characters from the Uncomfortably Charming universe.  Keep a look out for the newest episodes and the new look to the show.

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The Age Old Debate

We had a poll on our Facebook Page recently asking our distinguished fans whether they would rather fuck a butthole or a Meat-Flower (this is a euphemism for vagina that I made up, NBD). In a shocking show of force, the Meat Flower took home the rawdawging championship. I thought our despicable followers were all butthole, alas, the listeners chose the the Meat Flower and I must say, I didn’t realize how conservative/hetero-normative our fans are.

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Part Time Passion

Believe it or not Snake and I do not do this as a full time job.  The superior sound quality and production value make it seem as if we both work 50 hour weeks to bring this amazing podcast to you, free of charge.  But the truth is this is a part time passion and not only do we not get paid for this, we spend money on this, the interns have to eat somehow.  We spend money and devote our spare time to this podcast because it makes us happy and we enjoy the work we do.

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You guys may not realize this but every once in a while Snake and I don’t see eye to eye on something.  Doesn’t happen often but it happens and the first thing we do is get on the phone.  Our ability to hash out conflicts man to man has always impressed me on many levels.  One level is just the confrontational nature of dealing with issues and how hard it can be to speak your mind to someone regardless of relationship.  Add in the unique nature of our friendship and pseudo business relationship it can be very tricky.  We have an on air relationship and we also started this podcast together and have to work together to accomplish the goals we agreed on to start and the goals we continually create.  So when we disagree, that disagreement can transcend the different layers of our relationship and friendship and being honest and upfront is paramount to resolving these issues.  Continue reading “COMMUNICATION AS A RESOURCE”

Are We Different?

I have put a lot of effort into this podcast and I would like see results.  It’s not all that easy to measure the success of something like this and I often find myself measuring my podcast against others out there.  I get self conscious and I feel like there is no chance of this show being a success when I look around at the other podcasts.  The hosts of those shows are writers, comedians, journalists and in general experts in something and we are, well, not any of those things.  We are two regular guys, who happen to think each other is funny.

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